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How much money does a candidate for District Leader need to raise? 

The amount needed depends on the area of the assembly district the District Leader (DL) candidate is running in and how much volunteer help they have. A run heavily dependent on snail-mail would need about $10,000, while a volunteer and canvass reliant campaign could be as little as $500.

What do you plan on doing with the money that you’re raising?

First up on the list is securing experienced election law support. In addition providing campaign consultation expertise and printing, we will be holding how to trainings throughout Queens.

What qualifications are you looking for in a candidate for District Leader?

Creating democracy, transparency, inclusivity, and accountability within the Queens Democratic Party is not just a matter of electing the “right” leaders; rather, it’s about creating a culture in which these values are so deeply embedded in the party’s habits that only those who exemplify these values will rise to positions of party leadership.

For that very reason, New Reformers wholeheartedly supports the reforms proposed by Queens County Committee for All (QCC4All) in its April 04, 2019 letter to the Democratic Organization of Queens County’s Chairperson, U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks. This letter proposes 51 specific reforms designed to help establish a culture of democracy, transparency, inclusivity, accountability, and accessibility in the County Committee of the Democratic Organization of Queens County (County Committee). 

In keeping with the spirit of QCC4All’s proposed reforms of County Committee, we at New Reformers believe that a similar set of commitments should be held by the Queens Democratic Party’s District Leaders.

To that end, we ask, as a condition of our support, that all candidates for District Leader affirm the commitments below:

As a District Leader candidate, agree to... 

  • Open a campaign account in order to accept campaign donations properly, and comply with New York State campaign finance rules;

  • Refuse and return any contribution by any corporation, by any LLC in the “FIRE” industry (finance, insurance, or real estate), or by any individual who is a known owner, investor, and/or senior executive with management decision-making power in a real estate development or finance company;

  • Recruit new members to my local Democratic club;

  • Register new voters in my area and help get out the vote (GOTV) for both primary and general elections;

  • Advocate term limits for intra-party positions in the Queens Democratic Party;

  • Advocate holding, and help organize, candidate fora at my local Democratic club; and

  • Refuse to participate in any Queens Democratic Party vote to endorse any candidate in any Democratic primary.

  • Not challenge petition signatures of other candidates


In addition, as a condition of our support, we ask all candidates for District Leader to affirm that they are...

  • Not currently employed by a Queens elected official; and

  • Not currently a Federal, State, or City elected official in Queens.

How do you decide who you are running?

Individuals are nominated and/or nominate themselves, i.e. the Brand New Congress model. Their nominations are evaluated by the board to see if they align with the stated goals.

How do you sign up to run?
Complete the form here.
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